Solar Pumping

System of Solar Pumping

A solar pumping system consists of powering the electric motor that is coupled to a hydraulic pump by means of solar panels, instead of being supplied by conventional electricity or diesel.

Pumping systems are sized according to the solar irradiation conditions of the site, the pumping TDH and the water requirement per day.


Schematic diagram of Installation


Solar Panel

Aluminum plate with selective paint coating, Anodized aluminum or galvanized steel housing.

variador de frecuencia

Variable Frequency Drive

Industrial controller located between the power supply and the motor.

bomba de agua

Water Pump

device that manages to convert the mechanical energy that makes its operation possible into the energy of a fluid that it manages to displace.



The main applications of this technology are:

  • Agricultural Solar Pumping: For irrigation of plantations and storage in reservoirs.
  • Solar Pool Pumping: For recirculation of water in residential pools, recreational centers, gymnasiums, etc.
  • Others: Sewage treatment plants, residences, hotels, industries and livestock.