About Us

We are a company dedicated to the design, installation, and sale of photovoltaic systems for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We also offer efficient energy solutions and services aimed at lowering energy costs below the rates of the Electric Power Authority for our clients, always working hand in hand with them, meeting their specifications. We are internationally certified professionals with the best quality standards in the evaluation, design, assembly, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance of solar systems.

We use the latest software technology for the analysis, dimensioning and installation of the photovoltaic system. We select only the highest quality equipment, materials and accessories.

Our Mission

To provide renewable energy solutions of the highest quality, guaranteeing the competitiveness, efficiency and savings of our clients, with cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge engineering.

Our Vision

To become the leading solar energy company in the Caribbean, contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment for future generations.


We run our business based on our core values.

Quality of Service


  • Always treat our clients with respect and integrity.
  • Educate about the benefits of renewable energy.
  • Be transparent in all information that we provide.
  • Work hard so that our clients understand the services or equipment they acquire.
  • Assist in all steps of the process: contracting, installation, interconnection and net measurement.
  • Provide the best service and maintenance throughout the lifetime of the equipment.
  • Ensuring that our clients are protected and treated fairly in warranty claims.
  • Keep our clients informed about new technologies that improve the products or services we provide.
  • Help our clients achieve the level of energy efficiency and autonomy they desire.
  • Always be available to attend any claim or service that our clients need.