Tesla Powerwall 2 - Live with your own energy!

A home or business premises can combine solar energy and the Powerwall System to independently provide electricity during the day and night, thus reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and taking care of the environment. During the day, solar panels can produce more energy than is consumed, the Powerwall System stores that excess solar energy and keeps it available when required, even after dark. In addition, the system can operate without solar energy, charging from the public network or power plant, being the best alternative to an event of force majeure that produces long periods of blackouts (breakdown, hurricane, earthquake, etc.). Also, you can monitor and control the Powerwall System from the Tesla app.

Raas Solar has installed the first batteries Tesla Powerwall throughout the Dominican Republic, we are Certified Installers. We calculate the energy use in your home or business, and we design a system tailored to your needs, working with or without solar energy, based on the information obtained during the technical visit carried out by Raas Solar.