Electrical System Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance ofSolar Panels

Preventive maintenance of the electrical system consists of a set of operations focused on the care of the physical structure and efficient performance of the solar plant, checking each of the elements of the system (panels, inverters, cables, etc.).


Benefits of Maintenance


Reduce electricity bills by keeping energy efficiency high.


Extends the useful life of the solar panel installation.


Equipment warranty.

We seek to avoid the consequences of equipment and photovoltaic system failures caused by environmental conditions that affect the durability of the equipment such as: humidity, temperature, pollen, bird population, marine environments, industrial emissions or dust caused by agriculture, etc.

Increasing the probability of good production.

Activities of Maintenance


Washing of Panels

We wash the solar panels with our electric brush specially designed for cleaning solar panels.

Compilation of Data

Information is extracted from the inverters and their operating behavior is observed to verify if there are any faults or errors.



We verify the temperature of the wiring related to the photovoltaic installation, in order to identify if any of them are at an inadequate temperature, preventing them from burning.

Adjustment ofBreakers

An adjustment is made to the breakers because the current vibration causes the connection points to weaken over time.


Adjusted for Structures

We reinforced the structure of the photovoltaic installation to increase its resistance to the high winds of nature.

Report of Maintenance

Our maintenance includes a detailed report on the current status of the photovoltaic installation and possible improvements to the system to increase efficiency.

Questions frequent

The installation of solar panels is very efficient and benefits those who use them, but they also require certain care for better efficiency. Therefore, maintenance is of utmost importance in order to preserve this renewable energy source.

The installation is reliable from the point of view that it requires little maintenance and this is practically of cleaning, which must be done under some measures and methods; using the appropriate tools, under the techniques and means necessary to do it in a correct way.

Failure to check or maintain your solar panel installations can cause irreparable damage and operational problems. Proper maintenance ensures that the solar energy system operates efficiently.

In many cases, a solar panel has a system to monitor its energy production and consumption. It allows you to check the highs and lows of your solar plant. It provides analytical information to see what we are incurring for the low performance of the plant and, consequently, perform preventive maintenance.

Solar panels are highly resistant and durable, however, their production can be reduced if they are not properly maintained.

The solar panel has a maximum production that is reached only in ideal conditions, since in reality there are losses caused by a multitude of factors such as: poor orientation and inclination, shadows or accumulated dust and dirt, which can be solved through regular monitoring and maintenance of solar panels. In RAAS Solar we are very rigorous in this aspect, since the correct cleaning contributes to the maximum performance of the solar plant.

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