Request a free estimate and get a chance to find out how much you can save with your photovoltaic solar energy system. We will provide you with a proposal that includes the amount of your investment, educational material, technical and financial information (profitability and return on your investment).


Free estimate

Request a free estimate and find out how much you can save with your solar system. RAAS SOLAR responds proposal and estimate requests. Contact us at number 809-412-4532 or write to us at

We will provide you with a cost proposal of the photovoltaic installation that includes educational, financial and return on investment information. You must have your needs available in KWh of your electricity bill.


System Design

We design your custom photovoltaic system, so that it meets your needs and savings goals according to the spaces available for the installation of the solar panels.



Our team will install the solar panels on your rooftops and make sure that everything is perfectly connected.

Our group of professionals has experience in residential, commercial and industrial photovoltaic solar installations in systems with batteries, without batteries, interacting with the electrical network, with DC or AC coupling, in hybrid installations, and in remote photovoltaic systems disconnected from the electrical network.


System activation

You will be producing clean energy in your home or business, thus saving money and taking care of the environment. Any extra energy it produces will be injected into the local electricity network having an energy credit for it. This will be recorded through a bi-directional meter.


Real-time monitoring

We use our personalized real-time monitoring system to evaluate your photovoltaic system and ensure that it is always operating in optimal conditions.

Your photovoltaic system offers the possibility of monitoring the daily production of solar energy and verifying that it works properly, as well as keeping track of the CO2 not emitted into the environment.