Attractive Investment Returns

Investing in solar projects is a profitable opportunity for your company, with a rate of return below 3.5 years.

Low Operation and Maintenance Cost

For you not to worry, Raas Solar offers you an operation and maintenance program to preserve the duration of the system and the validity of the guarantees of the equipment (panels, inverters, concentration boxes, disconnection boxes, monitoring system, etc.). The first year, the cost per month is free, as a way to guarantee the proper functioning of the system.

Free Energy

Remember that these systems tend to last more than 25 years without the need to re-invest or change the components and equipment, therefore, after the project has been paid, the benefit is infinite since the supplies, in this case the sun, is free.

Easy to Install

Since for rooftop installation there is no need to interrupt factory or industry production to install this system, the coordination from the entrance of the solar energy and the energy of the electrical network is controlled by the inverters, which allows a harmonic and automatic connection.


The use of rooftops to generate electricity is a better alternative for two fundamental reasons:

  • Rooftops have no other use and with a photovoltaic solar system they become profitable surfaces, thus, all companies can be transformed into electric power generators regardless of their category.
  • We bring energy generation to the point of consumption, managing to reduce the transmission losses that exist in traditional energy systems and saving in the country's economy.

RAAS SOLAR encourages the installation of solar energy systems in establishments such as shopping malls, industrial factories, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, homes, and in general any type of property or building, on whose rooftops it is desired to obtain a source of profitability.

In addition, by installing solar modules on the ceilings or rooftops of a building, other advantages are obtained, such as:

  • The panels absorb the solar rays reducing the internal temperature of the facilities, thereby producing collateral savings in the air conditioning system, as well as an improvement in the comfort of the staff.
  • It improves aesthetics and increases the value of the property or building.
  • Increases the useful lifetime of existing roofs.


Solar energy has many environmental benefits compared to other energy sources. Compared to the nuclear, oil and other traditional energy sources, it does not produce waste, carcinogens or by-products that can significantly affect or destroy the ecosystem.


The system does not produce any type of noise, it is completely silent, being an advantage for establishments and/or homes close to the system. This represents a clear advantage compared to motor generators in isolated homes and does not affect in the case of residential or company homes.


Photovoltaic cells are made of silicon, which is derived from sand. This element is very abundant in nature. This means that in the production of solar modules there are no significant structural and/or topographic variations in the terrain. The sun's energy is abundant and inexhaustible.


Solar panels have different integration possibilities, which makes them an easy element to integrate and harmonize in different types of structures, minimizing their visual impact. In addition, being autonomous systems, the landscape is not altered with poles and power lines.


The electric energy generated directly from sunlight does not demand any type of combustion, therefore not generating thermal pollution nor CO2 emissions.