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Photovoltaic System Monitoring

Turn your PV system into a smart investment with Egauge monitoring!

With the installation of our photovoltaic plant and Egauge monitoring, you will be able to follow the energy performance of your photovoltaic system in real time from anywhere with internet access.

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Preventive Maintenance

Ideal for reducing electricity bills by keeping energy efficiency high and extending the lifetime of the solar panel installation.

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Solar Panels

Solar panels are a good option for those looking for an efficient, clean and sustainable way to generate electricity.

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Solar Pumping

Used to pump water from a supply source such as a well, lake or river to the storage tank.

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Solar Parking

It allows users to use solar energy to meet their energy needs, while providing solar protection for their vehicles.

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Tesla Powerwall

Energy storage, the perfect solution for those who want to make the most of solar energy without relying on the grid.

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Solar Heaters

An efficient and environmentally friendly way to use solar energy to heat water, and can save a lot of money on energy bills.

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Vehicle Chargers

It is designed to be installed anywhere there is a power outlet.

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Solar LED Lamps

An efficient and sustainable option to illuminate the home or an outdoor space, perfect for green spaces, terraces, paths, gardens and surroundings.

Impact Ambiental

With our clean and renewable energy solutions, we contribute to the responsible use of electrical energy that provides benefits to our customers and the environment.

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Advantages of the technology Fotovoltaica

With electricity costs rising, it’s no surprise that thousands of homeowners and business owners are turning to solar PV. An energy system that helps control costs and will in turn increase the efficiency of the energy it receives.


Solar energy can prevent power outages in critical situations that demand continuous power.


Most solar panels are guaranteed by manufacturers to produce power for 25 years and can be kept generating beyond that time interval.

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